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Last modified:   June 09, 2012

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 Neuroenergetic Release® Practitioner Directory

Click here for feature article on Neuroenergetic Release

Complementary & Alternative Health Information:

Our one recommended product: Original Limu The most remarkable nutritional product ever! Wellness & Health, Fucoidan Rich Original Limu Moui Juice. Tongan Gold! 

Lynx Collaborative Care Network provides individualized research, consulting and integrative health advocacy to people facing medical complexities, facilitated by our Physician Consultants, Nurse Advocates, Medical and Professional Researchers and Support Staff.

  A great directory to promote your practice!

Massage Magazine (An excellent resource for current bodywork and massage information.)

Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY .org Resources

Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center (articles and information on arthritis and glucosamine research, treatments, and helpful tips for managing your pain)

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eBay Sniper

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