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Last modified:   November 08, 2015

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...had a great results combating chronic back pain through NER.  During my senior year in college while training for my last year of football, I bulged the disks  L4 and L5  doing heavy weight squats.  For two weeks I was barley able to move, and I had to get a series of injections to block the pain in order to function.  Upon my return to football, the pain returned, only worse, and I was unable to finish the season.  ... 
Thanks to a few visits to Don Kipp and NER, I have been pain free and doing the physical and active pursuits (hiking, camping, weight training, mountain biking) I enjoy so much, I have my health and life back!  NER treats the cause, not the symptoms, and I believe NER can have the same results for anyone living with pain!
Thom Winter

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Advanced Therapy For Pain Relief, Injury Care, Health Enhancement

Neuroenergetic Release® (NER) is a system of Relational Medicine™ and helps people be pain-free free and perform, function, and feel better. NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes and dis-ease. Both short term and over a lifetime NER saves individuals thousands in dollars and untold priceless time.

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Announcing a New Military Veteran Program

Donald W. Kipp will be donating 1 day a month to helping Vets with TBI/PTSD/Pain at no-cost.

I will be helping those who contact me and prioritize them based on need (severity of symptoms), hardship (financial/disabled/unemployed) and order they contact me. To participate they will have to consent to being interviewed and both their treatment and interview being videotaped and shared publicly.

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